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We like to keep things simple. Like a good camping trip: less is more, enjoy the process. We only make things we like and use ourselves, as simple as that.

Striking Designs

Our designs are very much less is more, so as to capture the essence of the activity it relates to. And we only use designs we dig ourselves.

It's Personal

This is a small family run business, making things we couldn't find anywhere else, about things we are passionate about, and do on a daily / seasonal basis.

Caps We Like to Wear

It's hard to find a cap that fits just right, isn't it? We looked far and wide to find one with a fit that suits (almost) everyone. Then we sprinkled some funky designs we dig on top and, voila!

Shirts That Feel Good

A t-shirt should make you feel good about yourself, and about the world. It should fit good and feel good. Well, we think we've come pretty close with our shirts, why not give them a try? Then let us know what you think!

Hoodies For Cold Days

Nothing better to keep you cozy on those chilly days. Our hoodies showcase the same funky designs we like from our t-shirts. Soft to the touch, comfy to wear, great to show off.

What people are saying πŸš€:

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Splash Glam One-Piece Swimsuit

Awesome quality, design and fit! Hard to choose which style to buy next…

β€” Nadine M (Switzerland)

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All Products (Obviously)

These are the best shirts, caps and other thingies in the world.

β€” My Mom

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The Surfer Dude Shredder Shirt (Navy Blue)

Soft cloth, really professional stitching of the surfer dude, awesome loose fit. Will buy more of these shirts!

β€” Max M (Switzerland)

Women's Swimwear

One piece swimming costumes for ladies who love to showcase some personality. The wife said she has never had a more comfortable (and stylishly funky) swimsuit!

Men's Swimwear

No one likes a boring pair of swimming trunks, do they? Exactly. Ours are not only eye catching, but practical too with a mesh lining, key pocket and more.

Outdoor Inspired Casual Clothing

We enjoy wearing casual clothes that reflect our outdoor passions. Incidentally, our friends do too. So, we created a small family run business that reflects that.